WUBURDI MUSIC is a sound studio specialising in music production, sound design and mixing.

We offer great sound at favorable rates and fast delivery. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations and creatively enhance the value of your music or sound production.

WUBURDI MUSIC is your professional collaborator, and we love to make some noise! Do you have a demo that needs better production? Does your business need a new sound logo? Is your song or album ready to be mixed?

Then contact WUBURDI MUSIC, and we’ll help your wishes come true.

Søren Fiil Vesterbak
Producer and owner of WUBURDI MUSIC


Music production

From idea to finished product. WUBURDI MUSIC delivers professional music production in all styles and genres and makes your demo, single, ep or album stand out from the crowd. No matter how far you are in the process, WUBURDI MUSIC can help to see your project through.

Sound Design

WUBURDI MUSIC is highly experienced in creative sound design for TV, cinema, video, radio, online and mobile. Get your message through and make your product, business or brand more attractive to new clients with a distinctive and unique sound identity.


Is your single, ep, or album ready to be mixed? WUBURDI MUSIC provides unique expertise in creating clarity, definition, coherence and balance to every element of your song and production. Get your project mixed and polished to a professional level and made ready for mastering.


Every production is different and at WUBURDI MUSIC we operate with variable rates depending on the type of project and your expectations regarding creative direction, time framing and delivery.

So please contact us to receive a quote for your next project.


Get in touch with WUBURDI MUSIC and let us know how we can help you:
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